Open Studio Tour Kickoff Celebration


    Image Caption: Antoinette Suiter, “Canary Island Date Palm”

  • Traveling Home (Members Gallery)

    Image Caption: Rachel Lundak, “We Picked It Out Together”

  • Traveling Home (Members Gallery)

    Image Caption: Jon Lundak, “On the Tarmac, Again”

  • Wandering Properties (Project Space)

    Image Caption: Bryan Funk, “Wandering Properties”

School 33 Art Center presents three new exhibitions on view Friday, October 12 through Saturday, November 24, 2018. The opening reception serves as the kickoff & 30th anniversary celebration for School 33 Art Center’s Open Studio Tour.


Curated by Adriel Luis, “ALLLLLL NATURAL” features artists Selin Balci, Maggie Gourlay, Caroline Hatfield, Catherine Mapp, Kaitlin O’Keefe, Antoinette Suiter and Chiang Tai, who consider the thin line between reality and fantasy. Each work illustrates the tensions between what is, and what isn’t. They question if all that emerges from the earth is necessarily real, and if that which is made in our hands and our minds is immediately synthetic. Composed of materials that are organic, manufactured or of dubious origin, these works beckon people to suspend their grip on reality, and to recognize that the very core of human nature is the instinct to make believe.

Traveling Home (Members Gallery)
An Exhibition of Sculptural Works by Rachel and Jon Lundak

“Traveling Home” is a collaborative exhibition by Rachel and Jon Lundak, featuring sculptural works that explore the similarities and differences between the spaces people travel through, and the spaces they call home. Through a series of objects and installations, the artists unify their unique perspectives to examine transitory spaces, and ideas of “house” versus “home.”

Wandering Properties (Project Space)
A Multimedia Installation by Brian Funk

A kinetic sculpture and video installation by Baltimore-based artist Brian Funk, “Wandering Properties” is a playfully political work that employs humor to explore social constructs surrounding the suburban home and infrastructure. Utilizing common household materials and projection mapping, Funk creates an immersive environment of miniature, motorized suburban homes that awkwardly putter along within the space. Viewers are invited to engage with the piece, gently mediating as the properties snag and push against each other.