School 33 Art Center Opening Reception

  • Cindy Cheng


  • Jackie Milad

    Portrait - She Rises Again

  • Bill Schmidt


  • Kieun Kim


School 33 Art Center presents three new exhibitions on view Friday, August 31-Saturday, September 29, 2018. An opening reception of three exhibitions is set to take place Friday, August 31 from 6pm-9pm at School 33 located on 1427 Light Street, Baltimore, MD 21230.

The Thing is Close (Main Gallery)
Works by Cindy Cheng and Jackie Milad

“The Thing is Close” exhibits the pairing of prolific Baltimore-based artists Cindy Cheng and Jackie Milad. Cheng creates complex sculptural constructions and installations that draw reference from the carefully choreographed rooms of her parents’ house in Hong Kong. Her work invokes a highly formal language to ponder the importance of objects and their ‘beneficial’ placements in the Chinese home. Gesturing toward physical spaces she has inhabited, as well as objects and things she has lived around and through, these works serve as incubators that reflect on the physical and abstract self, as well as Cheng’s own personal history and memory. Jackie Milad’s works on paper present the complexities of identity-making for people of mixed-race and ethnic backgrounds. Her work constructs a new visual language—a mash-up of actual and invented symbols associated with her Egyptian and Honduran immigrant background and family history. Combining drawing processes collaged with the cut pieces of older finished works, Milad tears away at preciousness of history to reveal another story—one that is not fixed, and yet uniquely her own.

Unintended Consequences (Members Gallery)
A solo exhibition of works by Bill Schmidt

Baltimore-based artist Bill Schmidt’s paintings are the result of his willingness to embrace and encourage the accidental—the surprising moments that occur when one strives to get paint to behave. According to Schmidt, painting can be a battle that pits the will of the painter against the will of the paint. Employing a particularly recalcitrant and unpredictable medium, traditional, water-soluble gouache, his process is one of active damage control, embracing the serendipity of favorable but unanticipated results.

Revealuxion (Project Space)
A Multi-media installation by Kieun Kim

“Revealuxion,” a multi-media installation by Kieun Kim, utilizes mechanisms and forms inspired by butterfly chrysalides and stringed marionette hands. With this work, Kim envisions herself through the reflection of a chrysalis—a metaphor which embodies the suffering and vulnerability, as well as the patience and self-determination required for periods of intense personal growth. For the artist, the process of making and presenting “Revealuxion” to viewers is an exercise in unapologetically embracing and revealing the genuine self, forgoing the inclination to put forth inauthentic versions of ourselves to the people we encounter. The patience inherent with this work is reflected in the details, which feature kaleidoscopic projections, laser-cut acrylic, articulated wooden hands, and hundreds of yards of carefully stretched, illuminated cotton string. Kim received a Master of Fine Arts in Design and Technology at Parsons School of Design in 2015, and currently resides in Lutherville, Maryland.