Emerge 3.0  “This Is Baltimore Too” (June)
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July 27 – August 01

Join us at the Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower for the captivating "This Is Baltimore Too" exhibition, an extension of the renowned Emerge Baltimore series. From June 22nd to September 24th, immerse yourself in the historic galleries and discover the incredible works of rising artists. Step into the multimedia world of Qrcky, where the fusion of Black diaspora sensibilities and urban spaces takes center stage. With a contemporary and mesmerizing approach, Qrcky's pieces, predominantly in black and white, invite contemplation and exploration. Delve into the abstract figure paintings of Damani Washington, a Baltimore native whose artistic journey took a unique path. Despite facing health challenges while studying at the Savannah Institute of Art and Design, Washington embraced his role as a stay-at-home dad, raising his autistic daughter. Over 15 years of nurturing and devotion, he has created a collection of images that are both breathtaking and haunting, unraveling a deeply touching narrative of a father's love, understanding, and profound patience. Experience the powerful works of Murjoni Merriweather, whose sculptures and video art aim to challenge and dismantle stereotypes. As a Black woman artist, Merriweather recognizes the potency of art as a means to create dialogue and understanding surrounding Black culture. Join us in celebrating these artists and their unique perspectives as they use their talent to shape conversations and transcend boundaries. "This Is Baltimore Too" invites you to engage with art that captures the essence of the city and challenges conventional narratives.