Transformative Art Prize

The Transformative Art Prize awards up to $30,000 to Baltimore City artists and neighborhoods who work together to enliven underutilized public spaces through high-impact, community-driven public art projects.

Eligible projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Public art projects that are large in scale or in multiples including 2D visual art such as murals, and 3D visual art such as sculptures.
  • Performance art projects such as music, dance, theatre and parades
  • New media art forms including projection mapping, lighting, and soundscapes

All projects must be free and open to the public and exist in outdoor, publicly accessible space.

The 2017 Transformative Art Prize is made possible by the generous support of the Baltimore Department of Housing and Community Development, Casino Local Impact Grants provided by the City of Baltimore.

The application for the 2017 Transformative Art Prize is now closed. Please check back for updates on the 2018 Transformative Art Prize.

Neighborhoods within the South Baltimore Gateway Area are encouraged to apply for dedicated Transformative Art and MECU Neighborhood Event grants in the communities of: Barre Circle, Carroll Camden Industrial Area, Cherry Hill, Federal Hill, Lakeland, Mount Winans, Otterbein, Pigtown/Washington Village, Ridgley’s Delight, Riverside, South Baltimore Neighborhood, Sharp-Leadenhall, Saint Paul, and Westport. This targeted funding is made possible through a collaboration between the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts and the Baltimore Local Development Council, with financial support from Casino Local Impact Grant funds provided by the City of Baltimore.

For more information on the Transformative Art Prize, call 410-752-8632 or visit   

2016 Winners


A Step Forward, Inc. - $20,000

Harlem Park West- Making the Invisible…Visible

Location: 800 and 746 N Fulton Ave, Baltimore, MD 21217

Working directly with residents of Harlem Park West, artist Ali Duggan will create a series of murals representing the struggles and successes of the people in and around the community. The murals, located at multiple complementary locations along North Fulton Avenue, will be complemented by a future community garden.

Creative Alliance - $15,000

Piñatas Navideñas y Posada

Location: 3134 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224 and procession through Highlandtown

As part of their Piñata Entrepreneurship Program, the Creative Alliance will conduct professional development training for local piñata artisans and engage them to conduct piñata-making workshops at schools and perform a traditional Mexican Posada, thereby bringing this rich evangelist-turned-theatrical tradition to new audiences. The procession will feature young adults in biblically inspired costumes, live music, and will culminate in a party featuring homemade food and, of course, piñata breaking.

Patterson Park Neighborhood Association - $25,000

Fayette Corridor Alive, Chesapeake Bay Scene

Location: 156 N Milton Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224

Mural artists Shawn James and Charles Lawrance will partner with sculptors Tim Scofield and Kyle Miller to create a Chesapeake Bay-themed mural and sculptural bus bench at the intersection of East Fayette Street and North Milton Avenue. The newly transformed intersection will feature custom built planters filled with native plants and trees creating an oasis for the dozens of MTA bus riders who utilize this stop daily.

Morgan State University - $30,000

Walk-Through Community Theater

Location: 1835 W Lanvale St, Baltimore, MD 21217

Working in partnership with A New Day, Morgan State University’s School of Community Health and Policy Department of Behavioral Health Sciences will convert the vacant lot located at 1835 W Lanvale into an outdoor community theater and rotating gallery utilizing projections. Youth and adults alike will take workshops on building digital cameras and working with artists Ashley Milburn and Johnnie Jackson, they will utilize their handcrafted digital cameras to photograph and document their community for the grant opening exhibition of the walk-through community theater.

Youth Resiliency Institute - $20,000

The Cherry Hill Intergenerational Choir

Location: Cherry Hill Homes Recreation Center: 2700 Spelman Road, Baltimore, MD 21225 and touring various locations throughout the city

Led by internationally recognized singer, songwriter and activist Navasha Daya, the Youth Resiliency Institute and the Cherry Hill Homes Tenants Council will form the Cherry Hill Intergenerational Choir. The choir will team up with visual artists Jackie Mayo and Dirk Joseph as well as drummer Mosiah Saleem to create a touring performance and visual artist hybrid project comprised of Cherry Hill voices of all ages.


For more information on the Transformative Art Prize, call 410-752-8632.