Scholastic Art and Writing Awards Gold & Silver Keys & Honorable Mentions

BOPA serves as the Maryland regional affiliate for this competition, which means we oversee the important task of collecting and evaluating submissions at the regional level. It's a big job: This year, 1,667 teens from Baltimore and the surrounding region submitted 4,200 works of visual and literary art — up from 1,300 teens submitting 3,000 works last year.

All works are blindly judged by local visual artists, novelists, poets, playwrights, educators, and editors. Each piece is judged based on originality, technical skill, and the emergence of a personal voice. Award recipients receive a Gold Key, Silver Key, or Honorable Mention. Gold Keys are automatically forwarded for consideration at the national level of the Scholastic Awards.

In addition to the Keys and Honorable Mentions, the top five submissions in the region for Visual Art are named American Visions nominees, while the top five for writing are named American Voices nominees. These 10 nominees will go on to compete for a National Medal.

  • “Foreigner;” Ceramic sculpture by American Visions recipient Claudia Moore

  • “In-Between;” Painting by American Visions recipient Aaron Kim

Art Honorable Mentions

First NameLast NameStudent GradeSchool NameWork CategoryWork Title
RyanA12Baltimore Design School 382Digital ArtAdvertisement collage
RyanA12Baltimore Design School 382DesignData is gold
RyanA12Baltimore Design School 382Digital ArtPixel Beach
LaraA.11St. Andrew's Episcopal SchoolDigital ArtDon't You Trust Me?
SajayahAbdurrahman10Baltimore Design School 382Digital ArtTHE BLACKER THE BERRY
IsabelAcuna Marin12Albert Einstein High SchoolPaintingTia Mona
IsabelAcuna Marin12Albert Einstein High SchoolPaintingBlue portrait
IsabelAcuna Marin12Albert Einstein High SchoolPaintingExpressive Self-Portrait
IsabelAcuna Marin12Albert Einstein High SchoolPaintingAbuela Ligia
IsabelAcuna Marin12Albert Einstein High SchoolPaintingSelf-portrait
IsabelAcuna Marin12Albert Einstein High SchoolDigital ArtJusticia
TaylorAdams12Baltimore Design School 382Digital ArtFear of Heights
IfeoluwaAdeyooye11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDigital ArtAziza
IfeoluwaAdeyooye11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechComic ArtSnow Fairy
IfeoluwaAdeyooye11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDigital ArtChronically Online
ChiaraAdjoh-Davoh11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechFilm & AnimationThe Green Revolution
AlrickAgustin11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingHuman Struggles
AlinaAhmad11Holton-Arms SchoolPhotographyLevels
mckaylaalark11Milford Mill AcademyPaintingMirror
EmaanAli11Mt De Sales AcademyEditorial Cartoon sponsored by The Herb Block FoundationLuxury
KieranAllen9Albert Einstein High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationRearing Sunrise
CharlizeAllen-Myers10Albert Einstein High SchoolPaintingThe Burger Joint
CarlyAltman10G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingAdrift in the Melody
AsaelAmaya Nolasco10Patapsco High School & Center For The ArtsDigital ArtRethinking life Choices
KelseyAnders10G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDrawing & Illustration“Intervention”
KelseyAnders10G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDrawing & IllustrationScarlet Scare
SophiaAnderson10River Hill High SchoolPaintingRainy Drive
NikAnna12Glenelg High SchoolPhotographyWood Over Water
EleanorAposporos12Albert Einstein High SchoolMixed MediaFutility
EleanorAposporos12Albert Einstein High SchoolPaintingGlass Study
SamiAraji11Winston Churchill High SchoolPhotographyProgression
AvaAria12River Hill High SchoolPhotographyReality of Social Media
AvaAria12River Hill High SchoolPhotographyWished Time Away
AmbarAuth11Albert Einstein High SchoolPaintingMy colored hats.
MorriganAyres9Perryville High SchoolPaintingChilled
SydneyBabik12Notre Dame Preparatory SchoolPhotographyLost
YebinBahn8E Russell Hicks Middle SchoolEditorial Cartoon sponsored by The Herb Block FoundationBlood Batteries
IsabellaBaker12Urbana High SchoolArt PortfolioRomanticized Reality
MayankBanerjee11Dulaney High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationUnited by Mother Nature
GenesisBardales Martinez11Albert Einstein High SchoolMixed MediaBreaking the norm of suit
KaylaBattle12Baltimore Polytechnic InstituteDrawing & IllustrationFor My Grandparents
KaylaBattle12Baltimore Polytechnic InstituteDrawing & IllustrationInner Beauty
KaylaBattle12Baltimore Polytechnic InstituteDrawing & IllustrationNickey
KaylaBattle12Baltimore Polytechnic InstituteArt PortfolioAcceptance
AnshutaBeeram12Glenelg High SchoolPaintingMoments in Between
KatherynBell11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingLights Out
GaryBellomy-holub12Quince Orchard High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationTears of Conformity
LilyBelt12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechArt PortfolioThe Mask of Fantasy
LilyBelt12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingEternal Slumber
HelenBesch10Albert Einstein High SchoolDigital ArtThe Golden Hours
ElizaBest10Urbana High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationThe Lady in Green
EllaBierly11Perryville High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationThe Ballerina
AliceBlanchfield11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDrawing & IllustrationPush and Pull
AbigailBoerstling10Holton-Arms SchoolCeramics & GlassBlooming in Beauty
EvangelineBohn12Albert Einstein High SchoolMixed MediaSillhouettes
NatashaBohorquez11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingBeware Of Dog
KhyreeBonds11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingThrough the curtains
KaiaBouvier10G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDrawing & IllustrationI'm Going to Miss This You
KaiaBouvier10G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDrawing & IllustrationThe Price of Freedom
KaiaBouvier10G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDrawing & IllustrationChairs Having a Conversation
OliviaBowles12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPhotographyGranddads Train Collection
MadelineBrandwin11Franklin High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationLa mesa
EvdokiaBrazhnikova11Albert Einstein High SchoolPaintingShattered Expectations
JasonBreden11Century High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationMemories Found in Teenage Trinkets
CharlotteBull11Walter Johnson High SchoolMixed MediaRule of Three
CharlotteBull11Walter Johnson High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationPointe Shoes
IsabellaBullis11Notre Dame Preparatory SchoolFilm & AnimationTransition
KyanBurris12Baltimore Design School 382Art PortfolioAbstract Mind
JoiButler12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDrawing & Illustration"Hope: In the Dark"
ZacharyButters8Green Acres SchoolPhotographyRock Jumping
DaisyByer-Tuohey11Albert Einstein High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationGlass
JoyceCabana11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingSummer Shadows
JoyceCabana11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingSeventeen
TeiganCaldwell12Friends School of BaltimoreSculptureTaking Free Samples You Know You Won't Buy
MasonCameron10Albert Einstein High SchoolDigital ArtChill of Autumn 3105
MasonCameron10Albert Einstein High SchoolMixed MediaCompression Impressions
AveryCammuso12Albert Einstein High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationMemory Project
LailaCarroll11Roland Park Country SchoolPhotographyThe Tears of Silence
AbigailCarvalho11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDigital ArtRockstar
AbigailCarvalho11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDigital ArtVibrant Night
BennettCataffa11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingMy Turn
AmieraCelian12Joppatowne High SchoolPaintingArt of Creation
AmieraCelian12Joppatowne High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationMaiden of Mystery
ChloeChan12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDigital ArtCasual Stroll
ChloeChan12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDrawing & IllustrationDaily Sequence
ChloeChan12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDigital ArtBack to School
ChloeChan12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechArt PortfolioFamilial Conflict
ChloeChan12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechArt PortfolioDeveloping Tensions
ChloeChan12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDigital ArtGuidance
AnnalynChao11Albert Einstein High SchoolPaintingspreading ashes
NaomiChao11Centennial High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationRevisionist History
MichaelChaves12Albert Einstein High SchoolPaintingPinea Gig chamber 95
MichaelChaves12Albert Einstein High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationThe Golgian
MichaelChaves12Albert Einstein High SchoolArt PortfolioUndercarrots
AliceChen10River Hill High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationChildhood
AliceChen10River Hill High SchoolPaintingTaste of Home
AliceChen10River Hill High SchoolPaintingA Champion's Moment of Isolation
AngieChen11Winston Churchill High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationHopes and Dreams
HannahChen12Centennial High SchoolPaintingSudden Stillness, Alone Again
LindaChen8-Drawing & IllustrationScientist Mom
ShirlenaChen12Glenelg High SchoolComic ArtShirlena Shirt
ShirlenaChen12Glenelg High SchoolPaintingHygge
TenzinChen12Thomas S Wootton High SchoolDigital ArtGoldfish in Memory
ZiYuanChen12Georgetown Preparatory SchoolDesignShi Men Song
ZiYuanChen12Georgetown Preparatory SchoolDrawing & IllustrationThree
ZiYuanChen12Georgetown Preparatory SchoolDigital ArtZi Yuan
ZiYuanChen12Georgetown Preparatory SchoolDigital ArtLandscape
ZimingCheng12Glenelg Country SchoolArt PortfolioAnimals World
MiguelChiapetta12Towson High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationMigration
NithyaChilukuri11Mt Hebron High SchoolPaintingFIGHT FOR LIBERTY
NithyaChilukuri11Mt Hebron High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationHigh School Daze
NithyaChilukuri11Mt Hebron High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationMY VILLAGE AGRICULTURE
ChloeChoi11Richard Montgomery High SchoolPaintingCarcinization
YisolChung10Towson High SchoolPaintingEye of David
EllaClark8Green Acres SchoolPhotographyGrunge New York
AsherCoelho10Albert Einstein High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationA Room with Books and Shelves
AsherCoelho10Albert Einstein High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationA Splash Of Color
GreciaContreras Lemus12Linganore High SchoolCeramics & GlassPoseidon
RileyDarchicourt11Sparrows Point High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationOpposites Attract
AdityaDas12Montgomery Blair High SchoolMixed MediaA New Kind of Afterlife
AdityaDas12Montgomery Blair High SchoolExpanded ProjectsAll of Me, All of You
AdityaDas12Montgomery Blair High SchoolPaintingCouncil
JuliaDavis12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingEarly to Bed, and You'll Miss all the Fun
JuliaDavis12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingSummertime Rebellion
JuliaDavis12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDigital ArtOnline Besties are Still Besties
JuliaDavis12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechComic ArtEmetophobia
ConorDeady11Patapsco High School & Center For The ArtsDrawing & IllustrationEmpty
LillianDennis10G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPhotographyThe Peaceful Spot
RainDiederichs11Kent Island High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationYou May Feel A Small Pain in Your Temporal Lobe
ReillyDiPaula11Notre Dame Preparatory SchoolPaintingShower Thoughts
MashaDixon12Northwest High SchoolCeramics & GlassMatryoshka 1969
OliviaEnsign11Albert Einstein High SchoolPaintingNurture
MarissaEvans12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechSculptureDo not spill the tea
MacyFadley12Towson High SchoolCeramics & GlassCool Ranch
MiaFang12Marriotts Ridge High SchoolDigital ArtBoard Walk
AshleyFederowicz11Holton-Arms SchoolCeramics & GlassFull of Gratitude
ElFitzpatrick11Albert Einstein High SchoolComic ArtTomcat Disposables
JesusFlores12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechSculptureAgony
JadaFoster12Baltimore Design School 382Art PortfolioBlack laughter and love
MakaylaFrazier12Mcdonogh SchoolMixed MediaCry Freedom
JessciaGarcia Bocaletti12International High School-Langley ParkArt PortfolioBlack and White
AnnabelGeisler11Linganore High SchoolSculptureLagoon
AziaGilmore11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechSculpturePortrait
S. AbigailGiroux10Bryn Mawr SchoolPhotographyLight Fall
RachelGlen12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechMixed MediaTo Our Memories
SkylarGriffin12Watkins Mill High SchoolPaintingLost
AhriannaGuity11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDrawing & IllustrationWhere the Heart Is
AhriannaGuity11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDrawing & Illustrationlavar
SophiaHall12Holton-Arms SchoolPaintingBathers
SophiaHall12Holton-Arms SchoolPaintingBathers
libertyhamilton11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingComing of age
StellaHamilton11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechSculptureTrypophobia
AdelaideHanrahan8Green Acres SchoolPhotographyNight At The Docks
lexiharris11Kent Island High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationYou Disgust Me
kaylaharrison10Patapsco High School & Center For The ArtsPaintinglooking into ones own eyes
AizhongHe12Poolesville High SchoolEditorial Cartoon sponsored by The Herb Block FoundationNot So American Dream
LashayaHines12Baltimore Polytechnic InstituteDigital ArtAlya Bay
AnnabellaHong12Washington Christian AcademyComic ArtThe Immortal Man
SarahHong12Marriotts Ridge High SchoolMixed MediaPining in the Wilderness
SarahHong12Marriotts Ridge High SchoolMixed MediaInvisible Hands
ErickaHorton12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingHalloween Bash
LeviHott12Barbara Ingram School For ArtsFilm & AnimationThe Girl by the Lake
MarilynHuang8Cabin John Middle SchoolDrawing & IllustrationNight Elf--North American Lynx
MarilynHuang8Cabin John Middle SchoolDrawing & IllustrationThe Adorable Family of Blue Poison Dart Frogs
MarilynHuang8Cabin John Middle SchoolDrawing & IllustrationAmerican Yellow Warbler
SaraHumphries12-Drawing & IllustrationBefuddled
SaraHumphries12-Comic Art"Nothing There"
MairinHussey12Kent Island High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationSweet Dreams You Sad Little Lover
AdriannaHwang12Marriotts Ridge High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationNoise Cancellation
CarolineHyder11Northern High SchoolPaintingSelf Portrait
SakinaIbrahim12Centennial High SchoolPaintingSelf Portrait in Sunlight
ChaynceJackson11Milford Mill AcademyPaintingCloud 9
EmilyJilek12Chopticon High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationPaw-Paw
AuggieJoswick10Patapsco High School & Center For The ArtsPrintmakingAnger in Print
ChloeJun11Walter Johnson High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationA memory
JenniferKaechele12Winston Churchill High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationSchlaf
JenniferKaechele12Winston Churchill High SchoolMixed MediaHanging by a Thread
CaseyKenreich12Walter Johnson High SchoolPaintingOne With the World
AndreaKim12Thomas S Wootton High SchoolPaintingRoyal Death
AndreaKim12Thomas S Wootton High SchoolMixed MediaSilenced
AndreaKim12Thomas S Wootton High SchoolMixed MediaStutter and Choke
MinjinKim11Marriotts Ridge High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationThe Dying Sun Rises
MinjinKim11Marriotts Ridge High SchoolPaintingA Bit Higher
MinjuKim12St Timothy's SchoolMixed MediaBe yourself
YeonwooKim12Marriotts Ridge High SchoolPaintingPeculiar Pit Stops
YeonwooKim12Marriotts Ridge High SchoolPaintingShifting Sheets and Reveries
AviKlein8Green Acres SchoolPhotographyLooking Back
AnastasiaKondratenko10Albert Einstein High SchoolArchitecture & Industrial DesignStropharia Caerulea
AnastasiaKondratenko10Albert Einstein High SchoolSculptureEugenia
GeorgiaKontoyianis10Sherwood High SchoolCeramics & GlassCitrus Juicer
ZuzuKusmider10Queen Anne's County High SchoolPrintmakingRobin Williams
ZuzuKusmider10Queen Anne's County High SchoolPrintmakingRobins Butterfly
AlyssaLee9Marriotts Ridge High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationA Suspicious Path
RachelLee10Perry Hall High SchoolMixed MediaThe Tiger's Courage
PeterLin9Georgetown Preparatory SchoolPhotographyEternal Fadeaway
SantiagoLorenzi12Albert Einstein High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationBlank Space
ZiyiLu12Albert Einstein High SchoolPaintingSeaman T. N. Cooper
XimingLuo12Centennial High SchoolArt PortfolioThe Aftermath
JaclynMalizia12Albert Einstein High SchoolComic ArtPrototype Comic Page 4
JaclynMalizia12Albert Einstein High SchoolComic ArtPrototype Comic Page 5
ElanMann12Jemicy SchoolDrawing & IllustrationIdea Board
AndrewMao12Winston Churchill High SchoolFilm & AnimationSubmerged in Tranquility
DaisyreyMapa11Oxon Hill High SchoolDigital Art"Pieces of Me"
NolaMarino11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechComic ArtCall Me!
TaliaMarkulis12Maryvale Preparatory SchoolDrawing & IllustrationCupcake
SydneyMcDonald11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDrawing & IllustrationStripes
SydneyMcDonald11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDrawing & IllustrationDried tears
NatalieMcMurry11Albert Einstein High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationReflections
IsaiahMejia12Albert Einstein High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationQuadripartile: Put it all in (part one)
Sha'BriaMercer10Milford Mill AcademyDrawing & Illustrationink and watercolor illustration
AnnieMix9Barbara Ingram School For ArtsPhotographyReach
ArmeetaMoghisi11Holton-Arms SchoolCeramics & GlassHidden Treasures
ArmeetaMoghisi11Holton-Arms SchoolCeramics & GlassScattered Letters, Sharp Mind
FernandoMolina11St. Andrew's Episcopal SchoolPhotographyCurious Frog
FernandoMolina11St. Andrew's Episcopal SchoolPhotographyFollowing Past Footsteps
FernandoMolina11St. Andrew's Episcopal SchoolPhotographyHumanizing a Chipmunk
FernandoMolina11St. Andrew's Episcopal SchoolPhotographyFood Chain
KailynNanda10Linganore High SchoolPhotographyPieces of Life
FionaNarrod-Malcolm10Albert Einstein High SchoolMixed MediaDumpling
DariusNgombu10Patapsco High School & Center For The ArtsDigital ArtValiant
JadeOfotan12Bullis SchoolPaintingInspiration
AvaOglesby12Towson High SchoolSculptureButterfly Clip
RobynPalmer12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechArt PortfolioExploration of Nature's Beauty
NataliaPanuska11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechSculptureHeart sore
SophiaPark12Mcdonogh SchoolFashionTan Fitted Tank and Leopard Print Skirt
SophiaPark12Mcdonogh SchoolFashionSage Button-Up and Floral Midi-Skirt
LedaPelton10Albert Einstein High SchoolDrawing & Illustration6:00 AM
LedaPelton10Albert Einstein High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationFloating Away
SamanthaPenick10Albert Einstein High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationCoffee Table
CamillePetty11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDrawing & IllustrationTo Hold Your Breath
MarlonPitter11Patapsco High School & Center For The ArtsDesignRage
VictoirePolsky11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDrawing & IllustrationInside The Chicken Coop
AshleyQiao11Urbana High SchoolMixed MediaComfort Spot
MelissaQin12Centennial High SchoolDesignCHS Science Journal Issue 1.2
MaiaQuinn12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingConsolidation
JacquelineRagheb12Walter Johnson High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationYou Should Smile More
IshaRajani12Glenelg High SchoolPhotographyAn Atypical Paradise
BetsiRalda Romero12Albert Einstein High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationEsperanza
JuliaReburn11Queen Anne's County High SchoolSculptureArrangement Upon Broken Glass
RileyReinhardt10Notre Dame Preparatory SchoolDrawing & IllustrationSelf-Reflection
BethanyRelunia12Patapsco High School & Center For The ArtsDigital ArtAbstract Apple
BellaResto12Stephen Decatur High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationHome Alone
RaquelRoberge12Towson High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationA City in Decay
CharlotteRoberts12Friends School of BaltimoreMixed MediaWindow Glow
SamuelRobertson10G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDrawing & IllustrationAutobiography
SamuelRobertson10G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingDinner With Evil
JordanRose11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingSplitting in Two
SophiaRoyer10Holton-Arms SchoolCeramics & GlassWhirlwind
EvyeniaRubenight12Baltimore Polytechnic InstituteDrawing & IllustrationAction
GabeSantiago12Rockville High SchoolEditorial Cartoon sponsored by The Herb Block FoundationGay-Free School Zone
LindaSeck12Joppatowne High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationStarved
HannahSeok11Mt Hebron High SchoolPrintmakingDormant
ZiyingSha12Bullis SchoolArt PortfolioArt Portfolio
ZiyingSha12Bullis SchoolDrawing & IllustrationSpace and Order
AidenShanahan12Albert Einstein High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationEyes
ElizabethShanefelter10Albert Einstein High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationStairwell
KiranShere-Wolfe12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingAP0CAL1PSE!//SW==T.NAPALM.NOTH!NGS111
KiranShere-Wolfe12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDrawing & IllustrationIn the Court of the King
KiranShere-Wolfe12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPainting/CainandAble//TheBeginingsofHate
KiranShere-Wolfe12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPainting(lImInal_laps3)
JenniferShin10Mt Hebron High SchoolComic ArtPressure
BreannaShorter12Perryville High SchoolCeramics & GlassBlue Abyss
RebeccaShowalter11Roland Park Country SchoolPaintingMixed
EvelynShue12Richard Montgomery High SchoolPaintingPuffs
Katie E.Silie Amador12Watkins Mill High SchoolPaintingCommon View in the D.R.
SkylarSilvis11Notre Dame Preparatory SchoolPaintingLoch Raven
BritneySimbana-J12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPhotographyuntitled
GabrielleSovich12Towson High SchoolArt PortfolioPerson and Persona
FaithSpicer12Baltimore School for the ArtsPhotographyGiraffe Photo-bomb
RachelStrandquist12Albert Einstein High SchoolPhotographyMoon's Lament
XanderStratton11Long Reach High SchoolFilm & AnimationTadpole's Journey
LucindaSun11Winston Churchill High SchoolDrawing & Illustrationáo
SpencerSwetlow12Winston Churchill High SchoolPhotographyMorning Mile
Anne MarieThomas11Queen Anne's County High SchoolMixed MediaUnrecognizable
Anne MarieThomas11Queen Anne's County High SchoolPaintingJarabe Tapatio
CarterThompson9Holton-Arms SchoolSculptureThe Power of a Line
CaseyTimlen12Towson High SchoolPhotographywater droplets
MollyToleson11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingRedemption
LiviaUrban10Academy Of The Holy CrossDigital ArtA Distant Memory
IsabelaVallar12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingNoise Cancelling Headphones Never Work
CindiVasquez-Fuentes11Albert Einstein High SchoolPaintingAbuelo
CindiVasquez-Fuentes11Albert Einstein High SchoolPaintingOnly Me
MakenaVass12Glenelg High SchoolPhotographyToy Horse Shadows
KaylaW12Albert Einstein High SchoolPaintingHomecoming
ericwan9Georgetown Preparatory SchoolDigital Art1 year oc celebration
JenniferWan10Richard Montgomery High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationSelf-Discovery
OliviaWebster11Hereford High SchoolPaintingBreak in the Clouds
PierceWehman9Gilman High SchoolPhotographyGolden Hour
PierceWehman9Gilman High SchoolPhotographyStrike a Pose
KelseyWeinert12Northern High SchoolPaintingMy Studio on the Floor
RoseWeiser11Baltimore School for the ArtsDrawing & Illustrationour Father who art Inferno
NatalieWesterman11Urbana High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationFierce Agony
AllisonWetmore10G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDigital ArtPool Party under the Midnight Sun
TakaraWilson12Dulaney High SchoolPhotographyLooking Into the Darkness
LionessWright12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingMarché en Fer
RuolanWu12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDrawing & IllustrationDaydream
LilianXiao12Poolesville High SchoolDigital ArtSockeye Cycle
LilianXiao12Poolesville High SchoolDigital ArtDelirious
LilianXiao12Poolesville High SchoolDigital ArtDemolition Of My Senses
LilianXiao12Poolesville High SchoolDigital ArtFacade
LilianXiao12Poolesville High SchoolArt PortfolioDissonant Introspection
LilianXiao12Poolesville High SchoolDigital ArtHoatzin Ascending
LilianXiao12Poolesville High SchoolDesignSMCS Program Sweatshirt Design
AvaXu10Reservoir High SchoolPaintingSolitude
AvaXu10Reservoir High SchoolPaintingSelf in Color
AvaXu10Reservoir High SchoolPaintingTrapped
KatherineXue9Richard Montgomery High SchoolPaintingWasteland
KatherineXue9Richard Montgomery High SchoolPaintingOur Stories
KatherineXue9Richard Montgomery High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationHer Struggles
KellyYang12Marriotts Ridge High SchoolPaintingInterior Nature
KellyYang12Marriotts Ridge High SchoolPaintingInterior Nature 2.0
KellyYang12Marriotts Ridge High SchoolDigital ArtRoad Trip Through the Sickness
SabrinaYang11Towson High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationLightning Speed
RosariaYannuzzi11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingThe Lady in Yellow
Anthony (Tony)Yoon8Kingsview Middle SchoolEditorial Cartoon sponsored by The Herb Block FoundationNot Waiting for Extinction
KatherineYoon12Holton-Arms SchoolPaintingMirror of Identity
KatherineYoon12Holton-Arms SchoolPaintingDo You Have a Charger?
KatherineYoon12Holton-Arms SchoolPaintingGlitch Mode
AudreyYoung11Winston Churchill High SchoolPaintingCalm Before the Storm
AudreyYoung11Winston Churchill High SchoolPhotographyThat's Hilarious
AudreyYoung11Winston Churchill High SchoolPhotographyRoots
QinglanYu11Bryn Mawr SchoolPaintingFractures and Diffractions
AnnieYuan9Marriotts Ridge High SchoolPaintingResonance
AnnieYuan9Marriotts Ridge High SchoolPaintingFalling Off the Social Spectrum
AnnieYuan9Marriotts Ridge High SchoolPhotographyStreamlined Wake
ZainabZarnish12Reservoir High SchoolPhotographyTrapped
DashaZavala - Soria11Milford Mill AcademyPaintingMy World
SophiZeiler11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingReminiscent of Another
AyaZemrani10Winston Churchill High SchoolDigital ArtWilted
AmieZeng10Northwest High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationSmell of Sunshine
AmieZeng10Northwest High SchoolPaintingIn Silence
AmieZeng10Northwest High SchoolPaintingMirrored
ErinZhang10Bryn Mawr SchoolDrawing & IllustrationSwan
ErinZhang10Bryn Mawr SchoolPaintingTea Party
FaithZhang12Winston Churchill High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationCityscape
FaithZhang12Winston Churchill High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationPull Pop Splat
SarahZhang11Montgomery Blair High SchoolDigital ArtGolden Hour
JinchengZhao11Holton-Arms SchoolDrawing & IllustrationOut of Depth
WilliamZhong11River Hill High SchoolMixed MediaWhat Happened to Me?
KangyiZhou10Walt Whitman High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationIvory Tower
KangyiZhou10Walt Whitman High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationPaper House of Memories
KangyiZhou10Walt Whitman High SchoolPaintingNature's Bath
JianingZhu12Bullis SchoolDigital ArtPearl
RAYMONDZHU9Winston Churchill High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationA Clean Slate
MaxZonova10Albert Einstein High SchoolPaintingAnastasia
AvaZumpano12Park School Of BaltimoreSculptureSailors
AvaZumpano12Park School Of BaltimoreDigital ArtTeleported

Art Gold Keys

First NameLast NameStudent GradeSchool NameWork CategoryWork Title
IsabelAcuna Marin12Albert Einstein High SchoolDigital ArtBogota Poster
IsabelAcuna Marin12Albert Einstein High SchoolArt PortfolioExploration of roots
NikAnna12Glenelg High SchoolPhotographySilicon Solitude
EleanorAposporos12Albert Einstein High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationW. Spreckley, W. Vicarage, A. Cima, L. Tringham
EleanorAposporos12Albert Einstein High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationChristmas Truce, 1914
EleanorAposporos12Albert Einstein High SchoolArt PortfolioThe Face(s) of War
HalimaBah10James Hubert Blake High SchoolPhotographyNature Framing
JacksonBailey11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDigital ArtGive and Take
ErinBaldwin11Queen Anne's County High SchoolSculptureBridge of Youth
KatherynBell11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechFilm & AnimationWe Need Each Other
MarissaBookoff12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechSculptureLooking Forward
MarissaBookoff12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechSculptureKickboxing Away Frustrations
MarissaBookoff12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechArt PortfolioI'd Say We're Getting Older
RochelleBremmer11Montgomery Blair High SchoolMixed MediaLost in emotions
SophiaBrown12Towson High SchoolArt PortfolioA Warning
JoyceCabana11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechSculptureMarcko Portrait Bust
NaomiChao11Centennial High SchoolMixed MediaPollution
MiguelChiapetta12Towson High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationParade
BriaChristian11Roland Park Country SchoolPhotographyStalked
EmmaClark12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechFilm & AnimationContainment Breach
Nia SimoneClark12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechArt Portfolio“Who Am I?” Hold On I’m Still Figuring It Out
GreciaContreras Lemus12Linganore High SchoolCeramics & GlassUnique vase
TaliaCrowe12Kent Island High SchoolArt PortfolioThe Impact of The Taliban on Afghan Women
JennaDarby12Patapsco High School & Center For The ArtsDrawing & IllustrationTelephone
JuliaDavis12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDrawing & IllustrationEventually Never Rise
JuliaDavis12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechArt PortfolioDon't Face It Alone
AlyssaDeSarbo12Holton-Arms SchoolCeramics & GlassTogether We Build Beauty
MashaDixon12Northwest High SchoolCeramics & GlassA Vladivostok Morning
OliverDrachman11Park School Of BaltimoreFilm & AnimationDaydream
PaigeDryden12Maryvale Preparatory SchoolMixed MediaBig Brother is Watching You
IleanaEkins12Barbara Ingram School For ArtsDigital ArtStained Words
BrysonFarrill12Albert Einstein High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationGodfather Mike
AudreyFeng11Centennial High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationThe Memory Capsule
KelsieFennoy11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechMixed MediaRealizing the Blossom
Natefink11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingpeachy keen
Natefink11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingdesperation
AriannaFranklin12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechFashionLift Every Voice
JocelynGranger11Quince Orchard High SchoolDigital ArtNot Your Savior
SkylarGriffin12Watkins Mill High SchoolPaintingPersective
SkylarGriffin12Watkins Mill High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationLook
SkylarGriffin12Watkins Mill High SchoolArt PortfolioSeries 2022
AhriannaGuity11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDrawing & IllustrationFor My Father
AhriannaGuity11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingWaiting for something different
ManuelaGuzman12Holton-Arms SchoolCeramics & GlassHard to Feel Belonging on the Edge of Loneliness
PenelopeHager9Albert Einstein High SchoolMixed MediaMy Face
LiliaHalberda11Park School Of BaltimoreEditorial Cartoon sponsored by The Herb Block FoundationVote For Our Rights
libertyhamilton11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPhotographyRed Stallion
NoraHinsch12Holton-Arms SchoolArchitecture & Industrial DesignChair of Equity
SarahHong12Marriotts Ridge High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationOblivious
MaceyHorton12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDrawing & IllustrationNot Black Enough
AlaynaHu10Middletown High SchoolMixed MediaWishes
AuggieJoswick10Patapsco High School & Center For The ArtsPhotographyWork Days
JaeyoungJung12Georgetown Preparatory SchoolPaintingDaily bread
JaeyoungJung12Georgetown Preparatory SchoolDigital ArtNature is our lifeblood
EloiseKhouzami11Mcdonogh SchoolPaintingLiberation
AaronKim11Marriotts Ridge High SchoolPaintingIn-Between
AaronKim11Marriotts Ridge High SchoolDigital ArtBehind Buried Memories
AaronKim11Marriotts Ridge High SchoolMixed MediaNot Quite Out of the Picture
Alyson NahrahKim11Howard High SchoolPaintingSolitude
DahnKim12Northwest High SchoolEditorial Cartoon sponsored by The Herb Block FoundationUprooted
MinjinKim11Marriotts Ridge High SchoolPrintmakingDesperate Caffeine
YeonwooKim12Marriotts Ridge High SchoolMixed MediaDeeper into Hidden Chasms
AnastasiaKondratenko10Albert Einstein High SchoolEditorial Cartoon sponsored by The Herb Block FoundationWorld of Blinded Puppeteers
MadisonLehman12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDrawing & IllustrationThe Rotting Hour
HahminiLewis12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechArt PortfolioRemoving  the simulation
ZiyiLu12Albert Einstein High SchoolComic ArtIs Truth Dead?
ZiyiLu12Albert Einstein High SchoolDigital ArtVersez Vos Oeufs!
HannahMagruder11Oxon Hill High SchoolDrawing & Illustration"Superficial"
ErinMalone12Albert Einstein High SchoolPaintingBehind the Curtain
ErinMalone12Albert Einstein High SchoolPaintingCurious Eyes
ErinMalone12Albert Einstein High SchoolExpanded Projectsbox
ErinMalone12Albert Einstein High SchoolArt PortfolioMoments in Fabric
DimayaMantooth12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechArt PortfolioComplexity in Creatures
JadaMcAliley11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDrawing & Illustration“Mommy and Me”
JadaMcAliley11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDrawing & Illustration“You Don’t Want Nun”
JadaMcAliley11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDrawing & Illustration“Nostalgia”
JadaMcAliley11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingSunday Relaxation
SydneyMcDonald11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPhotographySilenced
StephanieMo12Holton-Arms SchoolPhotographyWhere Smiles Have Been
ClaudiaMoore11Holton-Arms SchoolCeramics & GlassForeigner
DuaNaqvi12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPhotographyMagic in the Air
EniOjumu11River Hill High SchoolPhotographyA Distant Memory
VivianOrta12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingDesconectada
VivianOrta12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechArt PortfolioGrowth is not Linear
KaiaPadmanabha7Green Acres SchoolCeramics & GlassGargoyle
CamillePetty11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingWistful despair
MelissaQin12Centennial High SchoolPrintmakingThe Wheel of Time
MelissaQin12Centennial High SchoolDesignCatastrophes
MelissaQin12Centennial High SchoolDigital ArtRunny Side Up
LauraRichter12Mcdonogh SchoolFilm & AnimationRememberance
RaquelRoberge12Towson High SchoolCeramics & GlassCracking Under the Pressure
Chelci AnneRoberto12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingWorry About It Later
AlexandraScott8Sudbrook Magnet Middle SchoolPrintmakingFish
HannahSeok11Mt Hebron High SchoolPrintmakingSlumber
IvyShang8Hallie Wells Middle SchoolDrawing & IllustrationPeaceful Basket
BritneySimbana-J12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechArt PortfolioLo Que Tu No Miras
GertrudeSmith12Baltimore City College High School 480JewelryA Deer in the Woods
GertrudeSmith12Baltimore City College High School 480Art PortfolioConsumed by Anxiety
VivianaStaicu12Eastern Technical High SchoolFilm & Animationwiped clean.
Ava LeeStone8Notre Dame Preparatory SchoolFashionFashion in the Cards
RachelStrandquist12Albert Einstein High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationFigure Drawing 03
LucindaSun11Winston Churchill High SchoolDrawing & Illustrationchóu
FayeTaylor12Towson High SchoolPhotographyGlowing White Ash Tree of Loch Raven Reservoir
NeevaVaidya11-Film & AnimationThe Time I Have Left
ElieWalsh12Friends School of BaltimoreComic ArtSand Storm
MichelleWang8Ridgely Middle SchoolDrawing & IllustrationP.O.V. Paper
JasperWard11Park School Of BaltimoreArchitecture & Industrial DesignGeometric Lantern
KatieWen10Winston Churchill High SchoolPaintingMidnight Cravings
KaiyaWilkins10G W Carver Center-Arts & TechFilm & AnimationPERSONAL PIANO TIME
EmilyXing12Centennial High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationSundays in the Kitchen
AvaXu10Reservoir High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationGone Days
KatherineXue9Richard Montgomery High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationOut of the Loop
GraceYang11Glenelg High SchoolComic ArtJust Start
SimoneYura10Park School Of BaltimoreDesignIllustration Magazine
ZainabZarnish12Reservoir High SchoolArt PortfolioA plea against plastic pollution
ZainabZarnish12Reservoir High SchoolPhotographyRickshaw
ZainabZarnish12Reservoir High SchoolPhotographyThe Wait
AmieZeng10Northwest High SchoolPaintingWe Can Fly
JinchengZhao11Holton-Arms SchoolCeramics & GlassEast Egg and West Egg
JinchengZhao11Holton-Arms SchoolCeramics & GlassMust We All Be the Same to Fit In Beautifully?
LilyZhu11Towson High SchoolSculptureEdgar Allen Poe: Ahead of Time
AvaZumpano12Park School Of BaltimoreDigital ArtPatchwork
AvaZumpano12Park School Of BaltimoreArt PortfolioOrdinary

Art Silver Keys

First NameLast NameStudent GradeSchool NameWork CategoryWork Title
IfeoluwaAdeyooye11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDigital ArtReverie
AvaAria12River Hill High SchoolPhotographyAnother Year Older
JacksonBailey11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingGrandma’s Little Boy
KatherynBell11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingLight Leaves, Dark Sees
KatherynBell11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingInstructors in Red
HelenBesch10Albert Einstein High SchoolDigital ArtFalling
HelenBesch10Albert Einstein High SchoolDigital ArtNine in the Evening
JakeBesett12Liberty High SchoolDigital ArtInfinite flow
SyanneBlades9G W Carver Center-Arts & TechSculptureStill Stressing Perfection
NatashaBohorquez11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPhotographyWingspan, Diptych
CaraBrennan10G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDigital ArtThe Dance of Fall
SiniaBrickhouse11Patapsco High School & Center For The ArtsJewelrySeraphim ear cuff prototype
JoiButler12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPainting"Warmth"
JoiButler12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPainting"Melancholy Noel"
JoiButler12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechArt Portfolio"Seeking Truth"
JoyceCabana11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechSculptureJohn Portrait Bust
AbigailCarvalho11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingTrio
AbigailCarvalho11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingStatement Piece
JillianCasey12Liberty High SchoolArt PortfolioHuman Perspectives
ChloeChan12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDigital ArtSchool at Home
ChloeChan12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDigital ArtFamily Dynamic
SevenChang12Rockville High SchoolEditorial Cartoon sponsored by The Herb Block FoundationYour Best American Girl
TenzinChen12Thomas S Wootton High SchoolPaintingself portrait
JadaCho11Walt Whitman High SchoolMixed MediaBerry Picking
ChloeChoi11Richard Montgomery High SchoolMixed MediaLaundry
ChloeChoi11Richard Montgomery High SchoolDigital ArtThe Inherent Melancholy of Watching Trains Pass By
MelinaChristofano11Perryville High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationThe Stretch
EllaClark8Green Acres SchoolPhotographyFair of 83
AdityaDas12Montgomery Blair High SchoolDigital ArtEscape
AdityaDas12Montgomery Blair High SchoolDigital ArtOverpass
JuliaDavis12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechComic ArtThe Radio Reminds Me I'm Alive
JuliaDavis12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechArt PortfolioIsolation Drains
MelainaDean12Rockville High SchoolArt PortfolioSuccumb to Sensitivity
SamiyahDeGross12Baltimore Design School 382FashionPleated Skirt
MoxieDoctor12Friends School of BaltimoreMixed MediaMan Vs. Tree
OliviaEnsign11Albert Einstein High SchoolPaintingThe Cheat with the Wildcard
BrysonFarrill12Albert Einstein High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationNivelli
Natefink11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingabsence
Natefink11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDigital ArtLeg City
Natefink11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDigital ArtRinse and Repeat
Natefink11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingBathophobia - Hypnagogic
AriannaFranklin12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechFashionSteampunk fantasy
PaytonGilp11Albert Einstein High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationA Sea Man's Dream
RachelGlen12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechComic ArtHumanity’s  narcissism
HannahGray10Mcdonogh SchoolPaintingMasking Loneliness
HaileyGreaves12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechFilm & AnimationDead Game Society
AhriannaGuity11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechMixed MediaFor My Mother
AhriannaGuity11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingDistraction = Negligence
libertyhamilton11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingCinematic Highlights
AdelaideHanrahan8Green Acres SchoolPhotographyYellow Powder Explosion
Rose SaloméHenry11Rochambeau French International SchoolMixed MediaDear Thalia
AmiHernandez12Albert Einstein High SchoolPhotographyOne
SofieHogue12Atholton High SchoolArt PortfolioObservations of Life in Graphite
ErickaHorton12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechSculptureGentle Gaze
MairinHussey12Kent Island High SchoolPrintmakingSavior?
SakinaIbrahim12Centennial High SchoolArt PortfolioThe Most Natural State
SofieJarrett12Albert Einstein High SchoolPaintingJarrett
EmilyJilek12Chopticon High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationFascination
JaeyoungJung12Georgetown Preparatory SchoolDrawing & IllustrationUnder construction
CaseyKenreich12Walter Johnson High SchoolMixed MediaThe Offering
Alyson NahrahKim11Howard High SchoolMixed MediaDay to day
AndreaKim12Thomas S Wootton High SchoolDigital ArtAm I Worthy?
AndreaKim12Thomas S Wootton High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationBurnout
AndreaKim12Thomas S Wootton High SchoolDigital ArtSomething Down There
AndreaKim12Thomas S Wootton High SchoolDigital ArtFeeling Random
EuniceKim12Glenelg High SchoolPaintingCity of Light
MiravanKim10Albert Einstein High SchoolPaintingUnmasked And Red Faced
NariKim9Albert Einstein High SchoolPaintingThe Kimchi Process
YeonwooKim12Marriotts Ridge High SchoolPaintingBustling
LiamKleinschmidt10G W Carver Center-Arts & TechFilm & AnimationBinoculars
SofyaKozhukhova12Winston Churchill High SchoolPaintingLetter From a Friend
SeonyoungLee11Centennial High SchoolPaintingNewb
KexinLiu12River Hill High SchoolPaintingOut of Antarctica
AdaLojzim12Baltimore School for the ArtsArt PortfolioA week in Baltimore
DavidLovo12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechFilm & AnimationTREAD
ZiyiLu12Albert Einstein High SchoolArt PortfolioChickens of Conflict
ZiyiLu12Albert Einstein High SchoolDigital ArtThe Sans-Culottes
XimingLuo12Centennial High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationRuins
XimingLuo12Centennial High SchoolPhotographyBewitched
XimingLuo12Centennial High SchoolEditorial Cartoon sponsored by The Herb Block FoundationOur Voice
PeytonMacAnanny12Linganore High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationUntitled
ErinMalone12Albert Einstein High SchoolArt PortfolioLiving Memories
FaithMatthews12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechArt PortfolioIsolation
HelenMcConville12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDigital Art& birth & life & death are of this place
HelenMcConville12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechArt Portfolio& the forest will forever be ours
GreerMcIntosh10G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDigital ArtTranquillity
RubyMiller11Holton-Arms SchoolPhotographyStructural Spiderweb
ganatmohamed10Patapsco High School & Center For The ArtsDrawing & Illustrationcharcoal still life
MonicaMoon9Mt Hebron High SchoolPaintingSeeing Red
VivianNguyen11Winston Churchill High SchoolDigital ArtThe Other Half
MercyNwachukwu12Parkville High SchoolDigital ArtWhat Happens in the Family Stays Within the Family
HanaOishi8Ridgely Middle SchoolDrawing & IllustrationI Like to Draw
SolenyiOnwueme8Clarksville Middle SchoolDrawing & IllustrationCircuit Head
VivianOrta12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechSculptureReach
SaraOtero11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingMakeshift Cinema
SerenaPallan9Hereford High SchoolPhotographySlipping Away
LedaPelton10Albert Einstein High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationWheels and Gears
SamanthaPenick10Albert Einstein High SchoolMixed MediaBrunch
YaynaraPeralta12Rockville High SchoolEditorial Cartoon sponsored by The Herb Block FoundationAn Unbalanced Load
JenniferPortillo10G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPhotographyGolazo
HannahPortner11St. Andrew's Episcopal SchoolPhotographyDelight
MelissaQin12Centennial High SchoolPaintingStar Fruit
MelissaQin12Centennial High SchoolDesignTerritory
SocorraReggie12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechArt PortfolioFacing the Future
BellaResto12Stephen Decatur High SchoolPaintingMorning View
Chelci AnneRoberto12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingMetamorphosis
Chelci AnneRoberto12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechDrawing & IllustrationFreshman Ambition
CharlotteRoberts12Friends School of BaltimoreDrawing & IllustrationMemory
ScarletRogers11Holton-Arms SchoolCeramics & GlassSpeckled Koi Pond
ElizabethShanefelter10Albert Einstein High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationMath Class
SeunghaShin12Thomas S Wootton High SchoolArt PortfolioBetween Security and Confinement
PrachiShirguppi12Albert Einstein High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationReflection
EvelynShue12Richard Montgomery High SchoolMixed MediaMother
ChrisSmedberg12Rockville High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationHow To Say That I Love You
FaithSpicer12Baltimore School for the ArtsArt PortfolioExperiencing Art
EllaSpirtas11Albert Einstein High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationGlass Drawing
RachelStrandquist12Albert Einstein High SchoolArt PortfolioLife Study Drawings
vincevalenzuela10Albert Einstein High SchoolDigital ArtNuit fleurie
IsabelaVallar12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingThe Three Swans
IsabelaVallar12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingA Conversation With the One Who Knows Me Best
IsabelaVallar12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingTo the Things I'll Never Wash
IsabelaVallar12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechArt PortfolioWhen the World Bends to You
NicoleWang8Crisfield High School & AcademyDrawing & IllustrationWarm Tones
DZiyreWarner8Sudbrook Magnet Middle SchoolDrawing & IllustrationKicking Flavors
GraceWesterberg11Holton-Arms SchoolCeramics & GlassBelonging: A Close Circle of Friends and Family
EllieWhite12Notre Dame Preparatory SchoolMixed MediaAwakening
TakaraWilson12Dulaney High SchoolPhotographyThe Power of Family
MiaWolfe12River Hill High SchoolArt PortfolioImperfectionism
LionessWright12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingBlack-Owned
LilianXiao12Poolesville High SchoolDigital ArtModel
LilianXiao12Poolesville High SchoolDigital ArtEat Up
GraceYang11Glenelg High SchoolPaintingDry
KatherineYoon12Holton-Arms SchoolPaintingWhat if Roles Were Reversed?
KatherineYoon12Holton-Arms SchoolPaintingGrandpa and His Daily Task
AudreyYoung11Winston Churchill High SchoolPhotographyRepurposed
ZainabZarnish12Reservoir High SchoolDigital ArtCulprits of Climate Change
SophiZeiler11G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPaintingAfter Dark When I Rise
WilliamZhong11River Hill High SchoolDrawing & IllustrationNot in Tune
ImanZoromé11Rochambeau French International SchoolDigital ArtSelf Portrait - Thru the Lense
AvaZumpano12Park School Of BaltimoreDigital ArtAround the Block
AvaZumpano12Park School Of BaltimorePrintmakingBlurred

Writing Honorable Mentions

First NameLast NameStudent GradeSchool NameWork CategoryWork Title
AdebolaAdenle10G W Carver Center-Arts & TechFlash FictionAirs of Angered Nectar
AdebolaAdenle10G W Carver Center-Arts & TechScience Fiction & FantasyThe Art of Wing Weaving
AmandaAmadi-Emina12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechHumoryou are getting box braids
AmandaAmadi-Emina12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechShort StoryNightmare
EleniAntoniades11Bryn Mawr SchoolFlash FictionPaper Boats
Tiara IzellaAragon12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechShort StoryHunt
Tiara IzellaAragon12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechShort StoryLived In
Tiara IzellaAragon12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPoetryMy Cousin's Second Name
Tiara IzellaAragon12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechHumorImaginary Figment
ThomasArmstrong12G W Carver Center-Arts & TechPoetryAn Old Man Sits on a Bench