BOPA Youth Arts Council

The Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts (BOPA) is inviting teen creatives to join the BOPA Youth Arts Council in order for Baltimore's youth perspective to be heard in arts programming and policy. We are seeking creative young people between the ages of 14 and 19 who have an interest in the arts, writing, event planning and education policy.

This year’s Council is currently designing workshops that address mental health through the arts. They are working with Make Studio and Maryland Citizens for the Arts to design a workshop to bring to the Best in MD Arts Education Festival this April as a Master Class and will be presenting their journey at the MD Arts Summit in June

The Baltimore Youth Arts Council includes 6 students who attend Bard High School, Baltimore School for the Arts, Polytechnic and Baltimore City College. They are an exuberant and passionate group focused on connecting with the larger Baltimore Arts Community and mirroring the work of the Baltimore Arts Council at the Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts while focusing their energy on a project of their design.


  • Meet Janae Young (2019-2020)

    Janae Young is 16 years old and from Baltimore, MD. She is a junior at Baltimore School for the Arts in the Stage Design and production program. There she studies costumes, lights, sound, construction and set design. Art has been a positive outlet for her and allows her to express herself. Through the arts council, she hopes to meet more people like herself interested in the same things.

  • Meet Jayla Maze (2019-2020)

    Jayla Maze is an eleventh grader at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, who write stories in her free time. While on the Youth Arts Council, she would like to improve in not only art, but the different things you can express using it. She wants to learn from other artists on the council and see what ideas others have. Also, on this council, I hope to learn how others express their ideas through art and how art can change communities for the better.

  • Meet Queen Royalty (2019-2020)

    Queen Royalty is a sophomore at Bard High school Early College and a fun fact about her is that she finds macaroni salad absolutely disgusting. While on the Youth Arts Council, she hopes to organize and create more community projects in different communities. She really believes doing this would give more kids opportunities at doing something with their creative minds.

  • Meet Tia Thomas (2019-2020)

    Tia Thomas attends Baltimore School for the Arts and is majoring in Theatre. With being surrounded by so many talented young people, she hopes to learn from her peers and to develop artistic ways to impact our community.


Meet the 2019-2020 Youth Arts Council

The Council is focused on connecting with the larger Baltimore Arts Community and finding their own place in the City’s Arts’ Ecosystem while focusing their energy on a project of their design.

This year’s Council would like to design workshops that address mental health issues through the arts.


Applications are now OPEN for the BOPA Youth Arts Council. 

Basic Timeline:

Beginning of September - Call for nominations & applications are distributed and posted online
October 1 - Submissions are due to BOPA
Mid-October - Youth Arts Council candidates are interviewed
November 1 - Youth Arts Council's first meeting
November - July -  Youth council meetings & special events/workshops are produced
July 25 - Soiree (annual event) for teen participants, and their families, to honor youth council members

Teen Candidate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you have to be an artist to join the youth council?
No, but an artist can be many things-an artist can write, perform, draw, cook, enjoy working with others towards a common goal, etc. These are all activities that BOPA considers art forms.

How will this help me with my professional career?
The Youth Arts Council is a great addition to your resume for college or future jobs. It says that you have worked at a major arts organization, have skills in public event planning, understand educational policy, and know how to collaborate with peers to achieve a goal. Working with other teens to problem solve and advocate for arts access helps to build critical thinking skills.

How often does the council meet?
The council typically meets bi-weekly (every other week) at BOPA for (2) hours after school during the week. On weeks when BOPA hosts Youth Arts Council produced activities, the council may meet more frequently.

How long can a teen be a member of the youth council?
Teens who choose to can remain members of the Council for the duration of their high school career until graduation (through 12th grade) and as near peer council members after high school.


Sarah Doccolo | Arts Education Coordinator 
Phone: 443-263-4301|