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"This Is Baltimore Too"

December 05 – December 16

"This is Baltimore Too" is a platform that highlights the exceptional talents of three emerging artists from Baltimore. Among them, Philip Muriel, a dedicated photographer whose work seeks to evoke empathy, capture attention, and contribute to an archive that empowers his community. James 'Alpha' Massaquoi Jr. specializes in intricately textured drawings that infuse his subjects with vitality, radiating warmth and vibrancy in his artistry. Lastly, Laurel Stewart is renowned for her mixed-media paintings, seamlessly blending elements from the natural world into her creations. Stewart's artistic process includes the craft of pigments from local rocks, the delicate preservation of native plants, and the incorporation of the environment's vivid colors. She further explores diverse mediums, such as resin and wood, and skillfully produces hand-punched rugs that pay homage to Maryland's rich biodiversity