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    The Baltimore City Arts Council administers many different grants, prizes, and awards year-round to support local artists of all ages.

Greetings Baltimore City Cultural Community!
The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified financial pressures and challenged the collective well-being of the creative community throughout our city. In an effort to respond to the rapidly changing needs of our local artists and organizations, the Arts Council is reassessing our grantmaking process and aims to implement the following changes to reflect a more inclusive approach to providing funding opportunities for artists/creatives and smaller neighborhood organizations. Our upcoming grant opportunities are designed to meet your needs by:   
  • Expanding eligibility and funding accessibility for Baltimore-based artists from various artistic disciplines and underrepresented communities.
  • Simplifying application process to improve the application experience and expand access for new applicants and small and volunteer-based organizations. 

Please see some of our grant opportunities below. For questions or assistance, please call 410-752-8632. 


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